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Dr Cath Cosgrave

As your Community’s healthcare and social care workforce begins to grow and thrive through the establishment of your Community Connector Program, it’s time to look ahead. The journey from inception to impact doesn’t end with establishment—it evolves.

Welcome to the next pivotal step: The Community Connector Impact Network.

Operating annually from February to November, the Community Connector Impact Network is designed to sustain and amplify the success of your Community Connector Program. It’s not just support; it’s a partnership for growth, offering a structured separate support system for your Management Committee and your Community Connector(s).

Dual Structure of the Network

The Community Connector Impact Network is uniquely structured into two distinct groups to cater to the specific needs of both Management Committees and Community Connectors: 

Management Committees Group: Led by Dr. Cath Cosgrave, this group focuses on governance, sustainability, and strategic growth, offering tailored support to address the unique challenges faced by Management Committees.

Community Connectors Group: Guided by Ms. Bim Rutherford, a seasoned ex Community Connector from Greater Shepparton, this group provides practical support and strategies to Community Connectors, helping them navigate the challenges of their roles.

The Impact Network Subscription Inclusions

Both groups receive access to a comprehensive suite of resources and support mechanisms, including:

10 Monthly Live Webinars & Q&A Sessions: Run by the coaches with occasional guest presenters for deep dives into relevant topics. Each group will have webinars tailored to their specific focus areas.

Anytime Online Coaching & Feedback: Through dedicated closed online Facebook groups, allowing for continuous support and collaborative problem-solving.

Tailored CRM System Access: With initial training for Community Connectors to efficiently manage contacts and track the newcomer integration journey, supporting data-driven improvements.

Two 45-min “Ask Us Anything” Strategy Calls with Dr. Cath Cosgrave and Ms Bim Rutherford, providing personalised guidance for your group and insights to enrich your program’s strategy and impact.

The Benefits

Universal Advantages for All Members

Holistic Community Development

Embrace a comprehensive approach that deepens engagement, resilience, and sustainability across the community, uniting efforts to support newcomer health professionals and other skilled workers plus their families effectively.

Continuous Improvement

Participate in a dynamic ecosystem focused on perpetual learning and program refinement through community-based participatory research, ensuring adaptability to your community and skilled workforce’s changing needs.

Strategic Organisational Support

Gain insights on optimising your program with clear, actionable goals and processes, ideal for both refining existing initiatives and seamlessly integrating new strategies.

Financial Strategy and Sustainability

Access specialised advice and tools for robust financial planning, including budgeting techniques and strategies for securing essential funding, all aimed at bolstering your program’s long-term viability.

Advanced Workplan Development

Elevate your strategic planning with comprehensive guidance on crafting detailed workplans for effective program implementation and adaptation, targeting both immediate and future objectives.

Priority Access to New Resources

Early or exclusive access to new tools, guides, and research findings developed by the Attract Connect Stay Team, ensuring members are equipped with the latest insights and best practices.

Tailored Benefits

Customised Member Support

Networking and Collaboration

Engage with a diverse network through exclusive events and forums, fostering the exchange of experiences and strategies to strengthen your program.

CRM Benefits

Enhance communication, customer insights, productivity, decision-making, and scalability for long-term growth with our streamlined CRM.

Specialised Resources

Access tailored resources, including flyers, templates, branding, and social media support.

Personalised Strategy and Support

Receive customised advice through “Ask Us Anything” Strategy Calls (2 per year) and ongoing coaching from Dr Cosgrave and Ms Rutherford, ensuring alignment with your community’s needs.

Impact Measurement and Reporting

Master measuring and communicating your program’s impact through the CRM, essential for demonstrating value to stakeholders and securing funding

You’ll Also Receive Over $6,000 Worth of Bonuses!


Free access to the Establishing the Community Connector Program

A 7-Week Self-Paced Online Program

3 Modules (Ready, Set, Go) with 30+ short training videos created & delivered by Dr. Cosgrave

READY lays the foundation for strengthening your rural health workforce using a community development approach; SET focuses on the structural setup needed for the Community Connector Program, GO provides a practical guide to developing a Community Connector Program Workplan.

A course guide & reflection workbook and many handouts and other additional resources

Valued at $6,000

Current Members

Subscription Details

For Remote/Small Rural Town Collaboration

For towns classified Category 4 or 5 under Monash Modified Model

Annual Subscription: $6,495* includes GST – *Includes 1 CRM Licence

Participants: 1-2 Community Connectors and 1-3 Management Committee Reps

For Regional Town Collaboration

For towns classified Category 2 or 3 under Monash Modified Model

Annual Subscription: $8,495* includes GST – *Includes 1 CRM Licence

Participants: 1-5 Community Connectors and 1-5 Management Committee Reps

Additions to the Basic Program

Additional Supports

Cost – All Include GST


Extra CRM Licence

$695 per Licence per year

CRM Initial Set-Up & Training

For new Community Connectors


For each new Community Connector

Additional ad hoc CRM Support

On As Needed Basis 

$60 per 30 mins

Provided by IT Specialist OR Community Connector Coach

Setting up CRM for Established Data Capture Programs

Using Other Data Management Systems

$230 once-off

Community Connector Program Surveys Licence

3X Evidence-Based New Worker (3, & 6 mth) and All Staff Surveys (every 12mths)

$995 per year

CRM Add-ons & Extensions

For Increased Productivity

(Outlook Integration, Google Integration, Mailchimp Integration, Advanced Pack, Custom CRM Add-ons)

Various $$

Details of Additional Services

Extra CRM Licence

Extra CRM Licence – $695 per additional licence per year (GST Included)

See FAQ: “How many Licences do I need?”

CRM Initial Set-Up and Training

For New Community Connectors

CRM Initial Set-Up and Training – $395 (GST Included)

3 x 30-minute Onboarding Sessions with our Community Connector Coach – Within 2 Months of Joining

CRM User Manual (PDF)

Short onboarding videos by our ACS’ IT Specialist – Email Tracking Setup, Creating a Contact, Exporting Data, Importing Data (Requirements/Troubleshooting), Creating New Fields

Benefits - Customised configuration, comprehensive training, smooth implementation, ongoing support, increased adoption for maximizing ROI

Setting-Up CRM for Established Community Connector Programs

Existing Programs Using Other Data Management Systems

Setting-Up CRM for Established Community Connector Programs – $240 (GST Included)

2 hours – Set up import templates for merging earlier data – provided by ACS’ IT Specialist

Support with importing your existing data into the CRM system

Benefits - Facilitates a seamless transition from existing data management systems to the new CCP CRM, ensuring data continuity and minimal disruption to operations.

Additional CRM Support

Additional Support as Needed

Additional Support – $60 per 30 mins (GST Included)

Additional Support as needed provided by either the ACS’ IT Specialist OR our Community Connector Coach

Benefits - Provides flexible and on-demand support from either an IT Specialist or Community Connector Coach, ensuring users can quickly resolve issues and optimise their use of the CRM system

Survey Licence for Attract Connect Stay Evidence-Based Newcomer Worker Surveys

Evidence-Based Newcomer Worker Surveys

Evidence-Based Newcomer Worker and all staff surveys – $995 per year (GST Included)

3, 6, (new worker) and 12-month (all staff) ACS surveys with de-identified reports for local employers and CCP Committee.

Benefits - Gain comprehensive insights into newcomer worker experiences, understand the impact of the CCP, ensure confidentiality of responses, and leverage data-informed decisions for attraction, recruitment, and retention.

CRM Add-ons and Extensions for Increased Productivity

Various Costs

Installation and configuration of a variety of add-ons for your CRM system, including integration with your current systems where applicable

Supported Add-ons include – Outlook Integration, Google Integration, MailChimp, Integration Advanced Pack, Custom CRM Addons

Benefits - Enhanced functionality and productivity for the Community Connector Program.

Hear What Others Have To Say

This is amazing!

Oh my god this (CRM) is amazing! You (the developer team) have done the most incredible job. Thank you. Just thinking of all the things that I carry in my head that I no longer have to. This is an incredible support for Community Connectors.

Karley Cameron

Community Connector, Southern Grampians, Victoria

Joining the Network

The Community Connector Impact Network is open to organisations and communities that have engaged with our foundational program [Establishing the Community Connector Program] or have independently established their Community Connector Program drawing on Dr. Cosgrave’s research. Whichever is your situation we invite you to connect with us. Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss how Community Connector Impact Network can further your goals and enhance the impact of your Community Connector Program.

Make a Lasting Impact

Take the next step in evolving your Community Connector Program by joining the Community Connector Impact Network. Harness the collective wisdom, resources, and support designed to amplify your efforts in making your rural community a thriving place for newcomer health professionals and other skilled workers and their families

Click below to apply and unlock the full potential of your program through our comprehensive support system.

Elevate Your Community Connector Program’s Potential Today

For further inquiries or to discuss how the Network can specifically benefit your community or organisation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Together, let’s make a lasting impact on rural workforce dynamics and community vibrancy.


Your Questions – Answered

No, the CRM system is an integral part of the Community Connector Impact Network’s annual subscription package and cannot be purchased separately. This comprehensive inclusion ensures that all subscribers have access to a tailored, efficient, and fully supported CRM system to manage contacts, track the newcomer worker (and family members) integration journey, and support data-driven improvements.
What are the benefits of the CRM?

By including the CRM system as a standard part of the subscription, we ensure that all participating sites benefit from the following:

  • Integrated Support: Training and support services are available as required at an extra cost to help maximize your return on investment and ensure smooth implementation.
  • Consistency and Quality: Ensuring every site uses the same robust CRM system maintains a high standard of data management and reporting across all locations.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Subscribers can leverage the CRM system to enhance communication and collaboration within the network, sharing insights and strategies to improve overall program outcomes.
  • Security and Privacy: The CRM system is managed under strict data security and privacy protocols, providing peace of mind that your data is securely handled and protected.

How many CRM licences do I need?
Regarding how licenses work for our Community Connector Programs’ Customer Relations Management System (CRM), envision each Community Connector managing their own specific pool of data. This data remains exclusive to their pool, but multiple users can access the same data within this pool. To clarify further:

  • Single Pool Access: If multiple users need access to the same data, they will use the same instance of the CRM. This allows all authorised users within that instance to access and manage the shared data seamlessly. Most commonly we expect that one instance will meet most site needs.
  • Separate Data Sets: If different users require access to separate data sets, we will set up an additional instance of the CRM. Each instance is isolated, ensuring data privacy and security for each unique dataset.


Basic Membership to the Community Connector Impact Network includes Single Pool Access to the CRM (i.e. one instance). JD Technology Services, the company that created and now manages the CRM, bills based on the number of cloud instances they run and manage. This means that your costs will depend on the number of separate CRM instances required to meet your data management needs. By JD Technology Services structuring CRM instances this way, it helps them ensure that your data is securely managed while providing flexibility for different user access requirements. If you have any further questions or need a customised setup, please feel free to reach out to Jacob @ JD Technology Services.

Choosing the right subscription type and additional services can be challenging. We are here to help ensure you select the most suitable subscription and additional services to meet your specific needs. We recommend reaching out to Dr Cosgrave for personalised assistance. You can book a meeting with Dr Cosgrave here and she will help you identify the right inputs for your program and organisation or community.

At Attract Connect Stay, in partnership with JD Technology Services, we prioritise the utmost standards of data security and privacy for our Community Connector Program- Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Below are the essential protocols and policies in place:

  • Data Ownership
    • All data hosted on the system is solely owned by each Community Connector Site.
  • Access Control
    • System access is secured with two-factor authentication (2FA), a critical security measure detailed during initial training.
    • Only the Community Connector(s) [the ‘designated contact person(s)’ ] can access your site’s data, with the option to grant a secondary login to a Committee member(s) if needed.
  • Administrative Access
    • JD Technology Services, has limited administrative access, used strictly for necessary system updates and support, and only with explicit permission from each sites Community Connector(s).
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
    • JD Technology Services, stringent confidentiality protocols are enforced to secure all data and access points. JD Technology Services, privacy policies are comprehensive and can be reviewed on their website.
  • Data Visibility and Reporting
    • The Attract Connect Stay team does NOT have access to any of your site’s data.
    • Dr. Cosgrave may periodically request high-level, de-identified data reports to demonstrate the Program’s consolidated impact. She will seek written approval in February each year from each site’s Committee. Upon receiving approval, the data reports will be compiled and manually exported by the site’s Community Connector(s).

Together with JD Technology Services, Attract Connect Stay is committed to safeguarding your data with the highest level of security and confidentiality

The Community Connector Impact Network is designed for organisations and communities that have either engaged with our foundational program – ‘Establishing the Community Connector Program’ or have independently established a Community Connector Program drawing on Dr. Cath Cosgrave’s research. It caters to both Management Committee members looking to enhance governance and sustainability, and Community Connectors seeking support and strategies for their roles.

Your subscription grants access to a structured support system operating from February to November, including monthly Zoom webinars with expert speakers for interactive learning, 24/7 access to closed online Facebook groups for ongoing support, and innovative resources to elevate your program’s impact. It also covers access to a tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, essential for Community Connectors tracking the integration journey of newcomers and for Committees to demonstrate impact.

Yes, the Network is open to those who have not only completed the Establishing the Community Connector Program but also to those who have independently initiated a Community Connector Program based on Dr. Cosgrave’s research. We encourage you to schedule a Discovery Call to explore how the Community Connector Impact Network can support and enhance your community’s efforts.

Community Connectors benefit from both individual and collective support provided by experienced professionals like Bim Rutherford (ex Community Connector – Greater Shepparton). This includes access to the CRM system for managing contacts and tracking newcomers, which is vital for refining strategies related to attraction, connection, and retention, ultimately enhancing the program’s effectiveness.

Are you maximising your rural health workforce’s potential?

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