(also known as the Attract Connect Stay Framework) by Cosgrave, C. (2020) Introduces a straightforward, evidence-based strategy to enhance the retention of health professionals in rural areas. Addressing workplace, role, and community factors, it offers a holistic approach to reduce workforce turnover by improving job and personal satisfaction. A valuable resource for tackling health inequities in rural settings. 
by Cosgrave, C., Malatzky, C., & Gillespie, J. (2019) Explores the impact of place-based social processes on the retention of health professionals in rural Australia. Highlighting the critical role of social connections, community integration, and the fulfillment of life aspirations, this review identifies gaps in current research and calls for focused studies on the social determinants influencing workforce stability. This work underlines the urgency of understanding and leveraging social factors to address rural health workforce shortages. 

by Cosgrave, C., Maple, M., & Hussain, R. (2018) Presents Cath’s PhD  study on why early-career health professionals in rural and remote Australia consider leaving their positions. Focusing on community mental health workforce, the research identifies how employment and rural living factors influence turnover intentions. Utilising a constructivist grounded theory approach, the study reveals that turnover intention is closely linked to the gap between professional/personal expectations and the lived reality of these. Key findings include the critical roles of job satisfaction, workplace relationships, and life stage in influencing turnover decisions. This comprehensive study suggests tailored strategies to meet the aspirations of potential and current rural health workers, aiming to reduce turnover of health professional in rural places.

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Reports From Members of the Attract Connect Stay Team

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