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Does your rural community struggle to attract and retain health professionals?

We can help.

Chronic health workforce shortages and high turnover of health professionals are a common challenge facing many rural communities.

Successfully recruiting and retaining health professionals is essential to maintaining an adequately sized and skilled health workforce to meet local healthcare needs. We have the solution to help your community do just that!

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Attract Connect Stay | What Needs To Change?

What needs to change?

There is an urgent need for a ‘fundamental reframing’ of the rural health recruitment and retention problem. We need to move from a narrow economic model of recruitment towards a more person-centred and holistic approach.

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The Community Connector Program

The Community Connector solution is a proven, grass roots, bottom-up initiative, mobilising the passion, knowledge and practical skills of rural health and social care businesses, local organisations such as local government and Business chambers as well as committed residents and community groups to better attract and retain health workforce professionals. The aim of the Community Connector Program solution is to establish a locally-funded, locally-recruited and community-managed Community Connector.

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Are you maximising your rural health workforce’s potential?

Download this self-assessment checklist to benchmark your organisation against the Attract Connect Stay Framework

Dr Cath Cosgrave PhD

Your Rural Workforce Strengthening Expert

Dr. Cosgrave has over 30 years of experience working with rural communities, developing community-centered, strength-based, and place-based strategies to effectively address local health and community service issues. Her research on rural health workforce strengthening and her Attract Connect Stay Framework have gained national and international recognition.

The Attract Connect Stay Framework consists of five steps, and the Community Connector program is a proven strategy for implementing Stage 4 of the Framework — Settle & Connect in the Community.

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