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Attract Connect Stay FAQ

That depends but our Attract Connect Stay – Self-Assessment Checklist will help you decide. Then the next step is to reach out to us and book a Consultation Call to discuss your results. During this call, we’ll discuss your specific challenges and goals. Based on this conversation, we’ll guide you towards which that best fits your needs—whether it’s Establishing a Community Connector Program in your rural community or strengthening your organisation’s skilled workforce through undertaking the Attract Connect Stay Launchpad Program. 

Yes. If you opt for the Done Together option, Dr. Cosgrave will work directly with you and/or your team. For the Attract Connect Stay Launchpad Program, Dr Cosgrave’s evidence-based strategies for rural healthcare and social care workforce strengthening will be seamlessly integrated into your organisation’s operations, ensuring a perfect fit with your goals and challenges. 

If undertaking the Establishing a Community Connector Program, Dr. Cosgrave will ensure that the strategies and approach are specifically designed to leverage your unique community assets and strengths. This targeted approach will address your particular skilled workforce challenges effectively. 

The content customisation process begins with an in-depth analysis of your community and/or organisation’s unique landscape, identifying both challenges and opportunities. This thorough understanding will allow Dr Cosgrave to tailor the program’s content, selecting the most relevant strategies and tools and case studies to achieve your objectives.  

Our bespoke approach in the Done Together option, guarantees that every piece of advice and strategic action is directly applicable, making a tangible difference to your community or organisation. This dual focus on personalised guidance from Dr. Cosgrave and customised content ensures that the solutions provided are not just effective but also sustainable. 

Apply to join one of the Done Together programs. After receiving your application, Dr. Cosgrave will review your application and then personally consult with you to determine if the program aligns with your organisation and/or community. If you applied for the Attract Connect Stay Launchpad Program, the scheduled meeting with Dr. Cosgrave will help her better understand your business, workforce, and HR needs. If you have applied for Establishing a Community Connector Program the scheduled meeting with Dr. Cosgrave will help her better understand your motivation, community, and its workforce needs. 

The DIY (Do It Yourself) option is available for both the Establishing the Community Connector Program and the Attract Connect Stay Launchpad Program both are meticulously designed for individuals and teams who are proactive and prefer to spearhead the integration of their strategic frameworks within their communities or organisations.  

These self-paced online programs offer the perfect blend of flexibility and expert guidance, tailored specifically for those looking to navigate the complexities of rural healthcare and social care environments at their own pace. 

Choosing the DIY option for either program grants you access to a wealth of materials, including workbooks, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials, all developed to ensure you’re well-equipped with evidence-based strategies.  

The Done Together option enriches the DIY resources of the Establishing the Community Connector Program (CCP) and the Attract Connect Stay (ACS) Launchpad Program through: 

  • Direct Expert Guidance: Personal interactions with Dr. Cath Cosgrave, providing customised advice and strategies tailored to your specific needs. 
  • Strategy Calls: “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Dr. Cosgrave, offering deep dives into your challenges and actionable solutions. 
  • Toolkits and Resources: Access to comprehensive toolkits, workbook templates, and checklists designed to streamline your program’s implementation. 
  • Community Support: Membership in a closed online group for sharing experiences and insights, complemented by case studies and video resources from successful implementation. 
  • Regular Check-Ins: Weekly online meetings with Dr. Cosgrave for the duration of the program to ensure progress, adjust strategies as needed, and maintain momentum towards your goals. 

Opting for ‘Done Together’ means embarking on a collaborative journey with Dr. Cosgrave, utilising her expertise to craft and execute a tailored plan that addresses your specific challenges. This option not only accelerates your progress but also enriches your strategy with the depth of experience and insights from a leading expert in the field, alongside a community of peers dedicated to similar goals. 

To effectively tackle your clinic’s recruitment challenges, we recommend beginning with the “Attract Connect Stay – Self-Assessment Checklist” to pinpoint your specific needs. After completing the checklist, we encourage you to book a Consultation Call with us. This conversation will allow us to delve into your challenges and objectives more deeply. If attracting allied health staff is the primary concern, the “Attract Connect Stay Launchpad Program” is likely the best starting point. This program is designed to provide focused strategies for organisational workforce development, particularly in enhancing your clinic’s attractiveness to potential staff. For broader community engagement efforts, the “Establishing a Community Connector Program” could be considered in subsequent phases to further support and sustain your recruitment success. 

For councils aiming to enhance healthcare accessibility, our programs offer structured pathways to success. The “Establishing a Community Connector Program” could be particularly beneficial in creating a community-wide approach to attract healthcare professionals. We recommend starting with our Self-Assessment Checklist and scheduling a Consultation Call. This way, we can tailor our advice to your council’s specific goals and recommend the most effective program to meet your needs. 

For individuals and community groups in rural towns or regional cities wanting to address healthcare professional shortages, our “Establishing the Community Connector Program” offers a targeted solution. This program is designed to guide you through the process of creating a supportive network that not only attracts healthcare professionals but also encourages them to stay long-term. By focusing on building strong community connections and understanding the specific professional and workplace needs of healthcare workers, you can significantly improve your local healthcare and social care services. We encourage you to reach out and book a Consultation Call. This will allow us to discuss how the “Establishing the Community Connector Program” can be tailored to your town’s unique challenges and opportunities, setting a clear path towards enhancing your healthcare services. 

For remote communities, especially those with a population of less than 1,000 or classified as very remote (Modified Monash Model (MM) 6 & 7), the Establishing the Community Connector Program might not provide the expected return on investment. Such communities often lack a sufficient number of health professionals residing permanently to benefit from the structured support and social connection efforts the program aims to systematise. The effectiveness of the Community Connector Program relies on a certain scale of community and accessibility to a broader population centre, typically making it more suited to regions with populations over 1,000 and/or those classified as MM 2-5. 

If your community falls within these exclusion criteria but you are still eager to enhance healthcare and social care services, we recommend considering an adaptation of your approach. This might involve expanding your ‘target community’ to encompass a larger geographical area or exploring other health professional workforce strengthening activities tailored to very remote settings. We encourage you to reach out for a discussion on how best to address your community’s unique healthcare and social care challenges, potentially by adjusting the program’s boundaries or exploring alternative strategies that align with your specific context. 

Too easy -either email us at info@attractconnectstay.com.au or book a Consultation Call with Dr Cath Cosgrave 

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