We are change-makers who care deeply about helping rural communities build and keep a strong health workforce

What Makes Us Tick

At Attract Connect Stay, our core mission is to address and overcome the unique challenges faced by rural healthcare and social care services in attracting and retaining skilled professionals. We believe in creating sustainable, thriving rural communities where health professionals [as well as other types of skilled workers relocating from out-of-region] not only want to work but also choose to live and lay down roots. Our passion lies in leveraging place-based, community-engaged, collaborative solutions and innovative strategies to close the gap in rural health access and resources.


Our Story


Founded by Dr. Cath Cosgrave, Attract Connect Stay emerged from ground-breaking research  into the multifaceted factors affecting the attraction and retention of health professionals in rural settings. Recognising the critical role of belonging and community integration in retaining newcomer rural-based health professionals, Dr. Cosgrave developed the Attract Connect Stay Framework. This approach has reshaped how rural healthcare and social care workforce challenges are being addressed as well as leading to the development by Dr Cosgrave of the Attract Connect Stay Launchpad Program and the Establishing the Community Connector Program. Our story is one of commitment, innovation, and a deep-seated desire to make a difference in rural healthcare and social care across Australia. 

Attract Connect Stay TM Health Professionals

Meet Our Team

Dr. Cath Cosgrave, Founder and Lead Consultant

As an accomplished researcher and Adjunct Research Fellow at QUT, Dr. Cosgrave combines her rigorous academic inquiry with practical solutions to enhance the rural health workforce. Leading the Attract Connect Stay team, she continues to contribute to strengthening the evidence base while guiding the strategic direction of the consultancy group. Her pioneering work not only addresses rural workforce challenges but also enriches rural communities, making her a vital force in the ongoing evolution of rural healthcare and social care in Australia and internationally.

Cath Cosgrave
Bim Rutherford

Bim Rutherford, Community Connector Coordinator Coach

With a background in managing the Community Connector Program in Greater Shepparton, Bim applies her expertise in coaching, strategic planning, marketing and community engagement to support our nationwide Community Connector Impact Network’s initiatives.

Dr Anna Moran, ACS consultant from unplex

Anna is a workforce and service re-design expert. Using problem solving and data, Anna enables health and social care organisations deliver more and better care to the individuals and communities they serve. Anna is supporting Attract Connect Stay and the Community Connector Program through data and strategy activities. 

Anna Moran

Associate Professor Christina Malatzky (PhD), ACS Researcher from QUT

Christina is a sociologist and rural health researcher at QUT with expertise in organisational and rural studies, power analyses and place-conscious research. She is passionate about advancing spatial justice for rural communities and supporting the co-construction of rurally-orientated knowledges. 

Peta Thomson, ACS and CCP Consultant from Bullseye Strategic Communications

Peta has headed communications, brand, product and event management divisions in the healthcare, medical equipment, aviation and entertainment sectors. Peta is supporting Attract Connect Stay and the Community Connector Program executing communication strategies and marketing activities. 

Peta Thomson
Jacob Dowlan

Jacob Dowlan, IT Systems Administrator from JD Technology Services

Jacob is our “resident IT geek”. With a knack for innovative solutions and a customer-focused approach, he’s adept at navigating and solving diverse IT challenges. His contributions to ACS, including for example building the ACS website and creating a customised CRM for the Community Connector Impact Network, showcase his pivotal role in digitalising and streamlining operations, ensuring the ACS team stays connected and efficient.

Samara McQueston, ACS & CCP Administrative Assistant & Design Specialist

With a background in customer service and a strong foundation in health care administration, Samara provides virtual assistance to support the success of the Attract Connect Stay and Community Connector Programs and assists Dr Cosgrave in preparing resources for the delivery of the ACS training programs as well as online and face-to-face presentations and workshops. 

Samara McQueston

Together, we work closely with rural health services and communities to implement effective, sustainable solutions.

Our Growing List of Clients

Our client list includes a wide range of rural health services, peak rural agencies, local government, NGOS and community organisations that committed to improving the attraction and retention of health professionals in rural areas.

From working with community collaboration to establish their Community Connector Programs or healthcare and social care organisations to embed  the Attract Connect Stay Framework, our impact is visible in the thriving rural communities we’ve partnered with.

Our work, endorsed by clients such as Western District Health Service and the Greater Shepparton City Council, showcases the positive change we’re capable of driving in rural healthcare landscapes.

Are you maximising your rural health workforce’s potential?

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