Case Studies

Dive into our collection of case studies to read about innovative rural health workforce strengthening strategies in action. From overcoming attraction challenges to fostering lasting community connections among new-to-region skilled workers, these stories highlight real-world applications of the Attract Connect Stay Framework and the transformative impact of the Community Connector Program. Gain insights into practical solutions and measurable outcomes that have empowered rural communities and organisations to thrive.

Dr Cath Cosgrave Webinar
Community Connector Program Greater Shepparton

The Transformative Impact of the Community Connector Program in Greater Shepparton

April 1, 2024

The overarching aim in establishing the Community Connector Program is to see individuals choosing to stay and becoming long-term residents and productive employees of Greater Shepparton – Fiona Le Glassick,

Western District Health Service (WDHS) and the Implementation of the Attract Connect Stay Framework

January 30, 2024

 We strive to make every staff member feel like they’re not just joining a workplace, but becoming part of a community. WDHS’ Senior Executive.  Situation Overview: In June 2022, Western District