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Dr Cath Cosgrave
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Is your rural community struggling to attract and keep skilled workers particularly health professionals?

Our Kickstart the Community Connector Program is here to change that!

The Community Connector Program focuses on communities providing essential support during the first year of resettlement, that Dr Cosgrave has established is crucial for long-term retention.

By joining this program, you’ll dive deep into the Community Connector Program and receive step-by step guidance on how to establish and operate this essential solution for skilled worker rural retention.  

Transforming Rural Workforce Dynamics

Tailored Specifically for Community Leaders in Rural Environments

Attracting and retaining skilled workers is a challenge everywhere, yet it’s even more complex for those in rural and regional communities.

If you’re a key figure in your rural or regional community—be it as a representative of your local Business Chamber, Health Workforce Strengthening or Economic Development Taskforce, Council staff or elected Councillor, representative from a local Primary Health Network or Regional Development Australia or an owner or senior executive of a private or public health or social care organisation or service—our Kickstart your Community Connector Program is designed for you.

The Kickstart Program is the perfect fit for those committed to driving positive change in rural health and economic development

Join us to empower your community with sustainable health workforce solutions

Next Program starts 23rd July 2024 – apply now to secure your place – limited places!

Enrol in our Kickstart your Community Connector Program Today and Unlock Over $13,600 in VALUE!

Implement Our Proven Program

The Community Connector Program is modelled after the successful workforce attraction and retention initiative operating in Marathon, Ontario since 2011. The program was identified by Dr Cosgrave during her Churchill Fellowship to Canada in 2019 and was subsequently piloted in rural Australia between 2021-2022 by a team of researchers led by Dr Cosgrave with funding from the Foundation of Regional and Rural Renewal. The research team proved the program’s effectiveness for the rural Australian context and also created and tested a blueprint and practical tools for rural leaders to use to establish, manage, and sustain their own community-led and funded Community Connector Program.

There are four steps for implementing the Kickstart your Community Connector Program (CCP):

1. Ready, 2. Set, 3. Go, 4. Next

We're here to help you ...

Community Connector Program

Module 1: Ready

Kickstart your journey with essential community development principles. Tailored for dynamic leaders, this module primes you for evaluating and integrating the CCP into your community, setting the stage for transformative change.

Community Connector Program

Module 2: Set

Transition from theory to action. Learn how to structure your CCP initiative and secure funding, ensuring you’re fully equipped to appoint a Community Connector who’ll be the catalyst for your community’s healthcare and social care evolution.

Community Connector Program

Module 3: Go

Activate your CCP with precision. This module empowers you with strategies for meaningful community engagement and workforce development, laying down the blueprint for a thriving healthcare and social care ecosystem.

Community Connector Program

Module 4: Next

Elevate and sustain your success. By joining the CCP Impact Network, you’ll gain access to a supportive community and resources that ensure the longevity and growth of your CCP efforts.

By joining this program, you’ll develop a practical understanding of these three steps and learn the skills needed to implement the Community Connector Program to help address your community’s skilled worker shortages (particularly health professionals)

What Rural Business Leaders Like You Say...

Karen Munster

"A Great Outcome for Glen Innes: Through Implementing the Community Connector Program"

What a day it was 18 months ago when Dr. Cath Cosgrave pitched the Attract Connect Stay model to Glen Innes. Progressing through the READY SET GO NEXT stages, we tailored the program to our town. The stages are clear and guided us in establishing our Community Connector position, leading to this great outcome for Glen Innes. The first of many! I am grateful to be part of Attract Connect Stay – Glen Innes and our wonderful community.



Troy Cox

"The jewel in the crown is the Community Connector [Program], by far"

At Western District Health Service, the Attract, Connect, Stay Framework has been revolutionary… The jewel in the crown of the Attract, Connect, Stay Framework is the Community Connector [Program], by far. We’ve only had our Community Connector in place now a few months, but already we’ve settled in 17 individuals [health professionals] as well as their family members. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the Attract Connect Stay team guiding us along the way.



Fiona Le Glassick

"Revolutionizing Recruitment with the Community Connector Program"

Inspired by her [Dr Cath Cosgrave’s] research and a model she observed in Marathon, Ontario, we’ve developed Australia’s first Community Connector Program. This initiative is a game-changer in connecting new employees and residents with our community, proving to be a key retention strategy. The success of the pilot program was remarkable, leading to full funding by the Council for two years. Cath’s willingness to share her knowledge, combined with her expertise, has been instrumental in achieving tangible benefits for our community. We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with her to support and grow our local businesses and the broader region.



Introducing the

Kickstart your Community Connector Program

This is the definitive Community Leadership Program for Advancing Rural Healthcare and Social Care Workforce Growth

This program is designed to equip rural and regional community leaders and members of regional development networks with strategies to overcome skilled worker shortages and to build strong, sustainable health and social care networks in their rural communities.

It will empower these leaders with the necessary skills and confidence to establish, manage and fund an evidence-informed program to effectively attract and integrate health professionals into their rural environment.

Wondering if This Program is for You?


Ask Yourself the Following Questions…

Are you a community leader or part of a local economic development group in a rural area?

If you play a key role in shaping your community’s future and are looking to address skilled workforce challenges, this program is designed for you.

Does your rural community face challenges in attracting and retaining skilled workers, especially health professionals?

This program offers targeted solutions for communities struggling to maintain a stable, skilled workforce particularly for health and social care businesses.

Are you interested in developing a community-engaged approach to support the settlement and social integration of new workers and their families?

The CCP focuses on building strong community ties and support systems for new arrivals, which is crucial for their successful integration.

Do you want to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of your community by ensuring access to quality healthcare and professional services?

A key outcome of  CCP is improving your community’s access to essential services by attracting and retaining the right talent.

Are you looking for practical tools and strategies to address local economic development and skills shortages across various sectors?

The program provides comprehensive strategies and resources to tackle broader economic and skills challenges in your area.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the Kickstart your Community Connector Program could be the perfect fit for your needs. Apply now to start making a significant difference in your rural community.

Our Kickstart your Community Connector Program is the answer to better attract and retain skilled workers especially health professionals to live and work in your rural community!

Enjoy Comprehensive Support in 3 Key Areas

Our Community Development Approach to achieving a Skilled Workforce

Experience Holistic Support in 3 Essential Areas

1. Leadership & Integration

Gain expert guidance and training from Dr. Cosgrave to confidently lead this community-driven initiative.

2. Comprehensive Tools & Strategies

Utilise our specialised toolkit and resources tailored for investigating your community’s readiness, supporting community network building and getting started on establishing a Community Connector Program.

3. Program Establishment and Sustainability

Learn the key aspects of managing and securing funding for the Community Connector Program. This includes building sustainable financial models and ensuring efficient management of the program to maintain its long-term success and relevance in the rural community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your rural community's approach to attracting and retaining skilled workers.
Join our Kickstart your Community Connector Program and collaborate with us to elevate your community's skilled workforce to new heights!

Here’s What’s In Store When You Join the Kickstart your Community Connector Program

Unlock the Benefits!

A 7-Week Self-Paced Online Program

4 x Modules (Ready, Set, Go, Next) with 30+ short training videos created & delivered by Dr. Cosgrave
READY lays the foundation for strengthening your rural health workforce using a community development approach; SET focuses on the structural setup needed for the Community Connector Program, GO provides a practical guide to developing a Community Connector Program Workplan, NEXT outlines the CCP Impact Network, where established sites can gain access to a supportive community and resources that ensure the longevity and growth of the CCP.

PLUS A course guide & reflection workbook Valued at $6,000 

The Benefits

Community Development Approach: Utilises a whole-of-community practice that fosters community engagement, resilience, and sustainability.

Continuous Improvement: Promotes continuous learning and quality improvement through community-based participatory research.

Strategic Setup: Guides in establishing a structured and purpose-driven organisation to run the program, whether starting a new or joining an existing entity.

Financial Preparedness: Assists in budgeting and securing funding for the first year, ensuring financial stability and sustainability.

Practical Workplan Development: Provides a step-by-step guide to developing a workplan for the short to medium term, ensuring targeted and effective program implementation.

Direct interactions with Dr. Cosgrave

3 x 60 minute – Ask Me Anything Personal Strategy calls with Dr Cosgrave – Valued at $1,200

Personalised online guidance from Dr. Cosgrave – Get answers to your particular Community Connector Program establishment questions.

Leverage Dr. Cosgrave’s expertise to develop a tailored solution to your community ‘s workforce challenges and rural context.

Access to a ready-to-use the Kickstart your Community Connector Program Toolkit – Valued at $3,000

Access to a Workbook, Templates, Guidelines & Checklists

Case Studies and Video Resources from communities who are successfully running Community Connector Programs

Online Group Support - Valued at $1,200

Exclusive membership to a closed online group over the 7 weeks
Discuss challenges and gain insights from the group that share your skilled workforce problemschallenges and benefit from their perspectives and experience in working together towards establishing the Community Connector Program

Weekly Online 15-min Check-Ins with Dr Cosgrave
Valued at $700

Stay on track with the journey to establish the CCP in your community with weekly check-ins

Hurry, spots are limited – and you don’t want to miss out!

Work at Your Own Pace

I can hear it now, you’re saying “I need to do this course, our organisation is desperate for a solution, but how can I fit it in, I already don’t have time to do my work”
We completely understand.
While this program is guided over 7 weeks, you have the flexibility to continue in your own time and not miss a thing.
PLUS We offer you ONE YEAR’S ACCESS to all the materials
which means You can access the content anytime to review modules, re-watch videos and access links

You’ll Also Receive Over $1,500 Worth of Bonuses!


Live Online Attract Connect Stay Forum for your Organisation with Dr. Cosgrave
Value $1,500

Enjoy a one-hour live session featuring Dr. Cosgrave, who will explain the Community Connector Program and the evidence behind it, and present data on its impact to date. This exclusive online event will include a Q&A session and will be tailored specifically for interested or curious stakeholders in your community. Please note, this organisation and associated costs will be the community’s responsibility.

That's a Grand TOTAL Value of Over $13,600
All for Just 1 Payment of $1,795!

Enjoy Total Confidence…

…With Our "No Worries" Guarantee!

Our Rural Workforce Strengthening Program also comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If, within the first 14 days of the program, you find it’s not what you expected, just let us know, and we’ll refund you – no questions asked.
This investment is completely risk-free – because your satisfaction is our top priority!

Imagine Getting Results Like These From The Program...

"Fostering Meaningful Connections, Bridging Gaps, Building Belonging"

Cath’s emphasis on fostering meaningful connections within local communities and creating robust support networks for healthcare professionals is a game-changer. The Community Connector component of her program goes beyond conventional methods, leveraging technology and community engagement to bridge gaps and build a sense of belonging.

Jaden Frame

Project Manager - TSBE Health, Queensland

Reflect on Your Community's Growth Potential…

Consider This:
  • How many potential health and other service sector improvements are delayed or unrealised due to skilled workforce shortages?
  • How frequently are efforts by organisations in your community to recruit skilled professionals hampered by the lack of community integration strategies?
  • To what extent does a limited skilled workforce diminish the well-being and retention of your existing skilled workforce?

Calculating the impact reveals that these challenges could be costing your community invaluable opportunities for development, amounting to SIGNIFICANT financial and quality-of-life losses each year.

Who Benefits From the Community Connector Program?

Community Connector Program Word Cloud

Get to Know Cath Cosgrave

Support, Solutions, and Supercharging Rural and Regional Communities

Dr. Cath Cosgrave, is one of Australia’s foremost experts in the field of rural health workforce. Her research has been instrumental in enhancing the way peak rural health agencies, government departments, rural health services, and rural communities approach the strengthening of the rural health workforce. She developed the ‘Attract Connect Stay’ Framework and the 5-step implementation solution, including the innovative Community Connector Program, all of which have gained national and international recognition. These initiatives have introduced new insights and solutions to the healthcare and social care workforce challenges facing rural communities.

Dr Cath currently leads a management consultancy business that provides training and support to rural health and social care services and rural leaders. She assists these services and rural communities in implementing the Attract Connect Stay solution and the flagship Community Connector Program, significantly improving their capability to attract and retain skilled workers, especially health professionals. Dr Cath is deeply committed to addressing the inequities in rural access and service delivery challenges. Her passion lies in aiding rural communities to become thriving and sustainable places to live and work, ensuring they can secure and maintain a robust skilled workforce.

Next Program starts 23rd July 2024 – apply now to secure your place – limited places!

Enrol in the Kickstart your Community Connector Program, done together with Dr Cath Cosgrave and Unlock Over $13,600 in VALUE!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - SAVE $100 when you apply before the 30th June 2024

Enrol in the Program Today

The Kickstart your Community Connector Program
Done together with Dr Cath Cosgrave

And Unlock Over $13,600 in VALUE

A 7-Week Self-Paced Online Program

(Value: $6,000)

3 X 60-minute Ask Me Anything Calls with Dr. Cosgrave

(Value: $1,200)

Access to a ready-to-use Kickstart your Community Connector Toolkit

(Value: $3,000)

Online Group Support

(Value: $1,200)

Weekly Online 15-min Check-Ins with Dr Cosgrave

(Value: $700)

Exclusive Bonus

Live Online Community Connector Forum for your Community with Dr. Cosgrave

(Value: $1,500)

That’s Over $13,600 in Value…
…For Just 1 Payment of $1,795!
Apply now as spots are limited!


1 Payment Option

1 Payment of

$1,795 inc GST

$1,695 - SAVE $100

When you apply before the 30th June 2024


Payment Plan

2 Payments of

$899 inc GST

Over two months


2 persons from same organisation

50% of full price ($898) for second enrolment

1 Payment of

$2,693 inc GST

$2,558 - SAVE $135

When you apply before the 30th June 2024


Your Questions – Answered

The program is structured into four modules which are broken up into:

  • short how-to videos
  • homework using templates, guidelines and checklists designed to integrate learnings and give you and other collaborators immediate impacts
  • regular fortnightly 60-minute Ask Me Anything Calls with Dr Cosgrave ;
  • 15 minute you can attend live or watch the replay

So in total, if you can invest 90 – 120 minutes, spread over the course of a week, you can easily get through the content and get HUGE value from this program. And radically improve your workforce situation.

PLUS We offer you ONE YEAR’S ACCESS to all the materials, which means

You can access the content anytime to review modules, re-watch videos and access links

This is a close-knit group of rural leaders who have prioritised skilled workforce strengthening for their community. To provide tailored support to your specific community, Dr. Cosgrave has limited the group size intentionally. Each community can have up to two participants per program.

Dr. Cosgrave will review your application and personally consult with you to determine if the program aligns with your individual aspirations and community needs. A scheduled meeting with Dr. Cosgrave will help her better understand your motivation, community, and its workforce needs.

The bulk of the program is self-paced. Watch, read and do the homework when it works for you.

In addition to the program videos, there are a total of 3 x 1hr Ask Me Anything Calls with Dr Cosgrave which will be scheduled with you in the first week.

There are also a total of 7 x 15 minute Check-ins held online on Thursdays over the 7 weeks from 09h15 to 9h30 AEST. And if you can’t make a session you won’t be missing out; they’re all recorded and available to watch at your convenience.

Dr Cosgrave will consult with you at the beginning of the program to schedule the 3 calls at a convenient time on either Tuesdays or Thursdays over the 7 weeks of the program. Recordings of these sessions and summary notes will be sent after each session.

This is an important part of the program where you can connect online with others, share ideas, and receive ongoing support over the 7-week program.

Check-ins happen online on Thursdays over the 7 weeks from 09h15 to 9h30 AEST

No worries! check-ins will be recorded for your convenience.

All participants in week 1 will complete a confidentiality agreement. Any shared information is strictly confidential and meant for program use only. Unauthorised sharing is prohibited and will result in removal from the program and loss of hub access. Your privacy is paramount to us.


Join the Waiting List

Establishing the Community Connector Program Done Together
Tue 8 Oct - Thu 28 Nov

Are you maximising your rural health workforce’s potential?

Download this self-assessment checklist to benchmark your organisation against the Attract Connect Stay Framework